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Princ parket company


Our mission is to create highly quality products that will people use for joy and with comfort at their homes.

Our philosophy is to manufacture wood in the way allowing us to keep its positive energy and to reveal hidden beauty and character. We have decided to invest our more than twenty years’ experience with wood processing and personal relationship with wood. Invest into manufacturing products of which people will enjoy and have long-lasting benefit. With enthusiasm and hard work we develop and produce wooden flooring with unconventional surface modifications.

In order to ensure maximal flexibility and high standard of customer care we are manufacturing custom made flooring based on demanding clients’ requirements.

Wooden flooring from Princ Parket

Wooden flooring is an investment that will be paying off for your entire life. Given the appropriate care the floor ages as wine and gets more beautiful in time. Wood is a natural material that has been surrounding people since ever. It has pleasant aroma, beautiful appearance and if we touch it we get enjoyable feelings. Wood is suitable for allergic person and it does not release harmful substances. In fact it is vice versa: wood brings positive energy to space and warmly influence human being mind.